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Spectrum Eye Centre - Regina, SK

Spectrum - Construction
Spectrum - Interior
Spectrum - Construction
Spectrum - Interior
Spectrum - Interior
Spectrum - Interior

Location:  2627 Starlite Street, Regina                                         

Project Cost: $1.2 million

Duration: 6 months




A new experience in vision care with state of the art equipment.


This 8,600 sq ft space was converted to accommodate:

· A centralized glass elevator;

· Spacious waiting rooms with wall mounted flat screen T.V.s;

· Free-standing curved reception walls along with a curved reception desk finished with granite countertops and     stainless steel accents;

· A “Boutique” area was created to provide a relaxed, updated setting where one can glimpse specialty frames;

· A Laboratory area houses the newest in equipment which allows for precise finishing of lenses on site

· A “Pandomo” wall feature is highlighted by custom color-changing LED light fixtures as are light columns throughout the main space.

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