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Green Initiatives

Green Energy and Living are becoming a high demand in our daily lives. MPM Construction is committed to working with moral-based corporations who continue to further the initiative of green living.

DEEP Energy

MPM Principal, Mike Mattern has always had a keen interest in renewable energy sources and clean technology. In early 2016 Mike started following the process of Deep Earth Energy Production (DEEP). DEEP is led by a team of highly skilled individuals with a goal of creating power by utilizing subsurface hot water and putting it through an ingenious yet simple process, generating sustainable clean electricity. Over the past 7 years since Mike has been following DEEP, they have gathered national and international attention with the current project underway near a small town in Southern Saskatchewan. Check out more by following this link to for further information.

MOLOK Distribution

In 2020, MPM Construction became the Saskatchewan distributor for MOLOK, the original, award-winning, semi underground waste containment system. This was a perfect opportunity to expand the business with the clear advantages of using The MOLOK Deep Collection system.

MOLOK Containers bring many advantages, including:

- Larger container capacity reduces collection frequency, saving in collection costs.

- Space is saved on site to be utilized for common areas such as playgrounds, gardens, and parking.

- Waste containers can be located in an area that is convenient for users, encouraging use and proper sorting.

- MOLOKs are easy to use for people of all ages and abilities. 

- The containers have an optional lock located on the lid to reduce unwanted use or vandalism.

MOLOKs are primarily known for their space saving -  They decrease the amount of land area needed by up to 90%.

1XM-5000 = a minimum of 55 X 120 Litre Carts.

Only 40% of the waste container is visible, the other 60% is hidden.

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