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Silver Sage Elder’s Lodge (Pisimokamik – The Sun Lodge)

Silver Sage - Entrance
Silver Sage - Exterior#2
Silver Sage - Exterior
Silver Sage - Commons Area#2
Silver Sage - Commons Area#3
Silver Sage - Commons Area
Silver Sage - Kitchen
Silver Sage - Suite#2
Silver Sage - Suite#3
Silver Sage - Suite#4
Silver Sage - Suite#5_edited
Silver Sage - Suite
Silver Sage - Utility Room

Location:  Regina, SK                                                   

Project Cost: $6.5 million

Duration: 15 months




Silver Sage Housing Authority contracted MPM to complete the construction of their first ever Elder’s lodge within the City of Regina.  The building was designed by Kreate Architecture and Design.  The building consists of 2 storeys of 33,684 sf each.  There are 27 bright open suites, of which 4 are completely handicap accessible.  One of the unique features of the building is that one of the suites is designated for visitors that can use the suite while visiting their loved ones.  It has 3 bedrooms and a full kitchen. 


The center of the building consists of a two storey open atrium with sunlight entering from the multitude of windows.  The center atrium is setup with ventilation to allow the Elders to complete smudging ceremonies in keeping with their Heritage.  The ample sun light seen through the windows convinced the Elders to aptly name their new home, Pisimokamik or the Sun Lodge.  We are very proud of this project and continue to have a great working relationship with Silver Sage.

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